How to make lantern

Contribute by Anh Tuan Ton


- Basic instruction (click link):  Can Ban_Hop_Giay

- More basic instruction (click link): Den_Trung_Thu

- Rotating can push style (video link): Lantern_from 2_soup can

- 2 empty Chicken broth
- 1 clothes wire or some strong wire
- 2 color LED
- 1 wood stick or bamboo stick
- 5 rubber band

Very fun, more option:
- Police Car, use blue and red LED
- Ambulance, use red and white LED
- Fire truck, use red and orange LED
- Towing truck, use yellow and white LED
- Etc..


- Lantern from salt box:

Use a salt box to make as follow:












Some final lanterns sample:













- Box lantern from snack box:

Use any large snack box to make as follow:












- More samples: