The American Colors

In 1776, Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, 234 years later  after countless wars, conflicts, and movements, the proud American colors rise by a group of Boy Scouts symbolizing everything that America and all its citizens have gone through.

Like every other Saturday morning, most children are watching Saturday morning cartoons, while everyone else still lies in bed dreaming of achieving their dreams or living in a completely imaginary world, but for a select four scouts, while most people sleep at 8:30, the scouts will have the indistinguishable honor of raising the American colors at a public setting, Magnolia Park in Garden Grove. For me and probably many others, what could be expected shouldn’t be expected.  Myself along with a couple others got in our positions and did our parts in a successful flag ceremony whenever raising the flag, or saying lines for the raising of the colors to be the best possible.

“Color guard, raise the colors,” and with just one phrase, the colors rise as the scouts participating in the flag ceremony among with a couple of bystanders around the park stop and salute the colors.

“Raising the flag today was different then raising at normal Boy Scout meetings, there was more meaning, from the little things such as the flag pole being much bigger to the magnitude of the situation, to some of the bigger things such as the people around” one scout said after raising the colors.

At sunset, everyone comes back to lower the colors, and with the colors lowered, another day of freedom and opportunity passes by.

By: Christopher Lưu